First things first


Pastor Pattrick Massaro
Get your Priorities right in your life!
Putting things in Divine Order
1. Matt 22. 35 to 38
First things first, Love God more! you desire in your entire life
2. Romans 8.28
Love Go4tthan any person; desire Him more than anything
First have a generous concern for God.
Then all things will work together for good. Love Him more!
3. Proverbs 23.26
“My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways.”
The greatest thing the Lord wants from you,is your heart completely given to Him. GIVE your Heart, in Hebrew;
–To surrender and yield, to give permission and grant access to
–To dedicate, commit and entrust, to occupy, to possess, to sing praises

1. Matthew 6.14
First things first! Forgive before you can be forgiven
2. Matthew 5.23 and 24 Reconciliation before worship 3. Luke 17:3,4.
FORGIVE, in Greek;
–To let go, keep no longer an account, not discuss or bring up ever again
–To take away, erase off the record, declare freedom from all debts and from all judgement REBUKE, in Greek;
–To bring correction and accountability because you value the person
–Because you value the person, you are honest about the offense they committed against you
–Because you love the person, you give the person who wronged you, the opportunity to repent and be restored in relationship with you.
4. Matthew 22.39 to 40
Love others as you would love yourself
Treat others the way you would want them to treat you. This is God’s Word being put in action.

1. Matt 6.24 to 34
First things first! First before anything else you do, seek the Kingdom of God V25. Take NO THOUGHT, in Greek;
–To be worried and have stress, anxiety
–To be troubled with cares
–To seek first to promote one’s interests. 2. V 32
“For the Gentiles (heathen), wish for, crave, desire, demand, and diligently seek all these things, and your heavenly Father knows well that you need them all.” They are looking to Man, to themselves and others, as their source and as their help.
3. V33
“But seek first the Kingdom of God” SEEK; To aim at, desire, crave
–To seek in order to find out, understand the King’s interests and requirements.
–To demand to receive from the Kingdom and have King Jesus as your only source for everything.
–To have the condition of our life
acceptable to God, having His stamp of approval on our lives. To please Him!
-=To b.e walking–io_God’s lo\le…an.clcharacter,. to pe.r-s.ona!!y-posses an.d exprnss the :ndwe!!ing – life of the Lord Jesus Christ, to be filled with His Spirit
–To liye our life in Christ, in integrity, sanctification, and purity, in correctness of thoughts, feelings, and actions.